Shenzhen Jinyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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    I  Our tenet 
    Produce best quality product to meet customer needs.
    II  Our management principle
     quality   innovation   honesty   service
    1 quality: our first mission is to pursuit the high quality of the product
    2 innovation: innovation is our key to keep energy and moving
    3 honesty: honesty is the essential factor to develop
    4 Service: service is the necessary factor to survive and develop in fierce market competition 
    III Management goal
    1 improve the management mechanism: reduce manpower, reduce waste, reduce cost and create profit 
    2 improve the quality of product: Relying on technology, with the system as the carrier, to manufacture high-quality product
    3 always keep innovating: Mastering the latest technical level of the industry and developing more advanced products
    4 To provide best services: to take initiative, positive, family like  attitude to service customer and return to society